About us

Who We Are

Rebirthrwc is a non-denominational Christian ministry. We are a group of women called by God, with the understanding that our callings are birthed through prayer. The purpose of Rebirthrwc is to give women a chance to live a transformed life by building a relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christian women. In awe of God's love for us and immeasurable power towards us, we believe in the coming together of women who know God has treasures imbibed in them and pray to the delivering of these treasures.

Rebirthrwc consists of women who lift one another up, continually seeking to grow in GOD'S presence through sharing the WORD, prayer, worship and thanksgiving. Each of us is designed as a vessel filled with the purpose of God because He created so many of us and each person is unique. In a world that is constantly busy and makes demands on our soul, we are aware of God's love and word for our lives.

Core Scripture

Our anchor scripture is James 5:16:

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Demonstrating our commitment to Christ and our desire to follow in His steps with heads that think, hearts that love, and mouths that pray, we apply biblical truth to every facet of our lives, teaching hands to war, and fingers to battle in prayer.

Become A Member

As a member of Rebirthrwc, you become a part of our Prayer forum, receiving prayers posted, sharing prayers and submitting prayer requests:

  • Prayer lets the peace of Christ arbitrate in your heart ushering you into great measures of grace.
  • Prayer enables you to spend time with God, solving every problem, answering every question, and giving you joy.
  • Prayer helps you yield to the Spirit of the Lord, projecting the vision of Christ upon the canvas of your mind.
  • God's mind is made known in prayer, as you join us, His revelation and His word of wisdom will be forthcoming.

You also partake in our weekly Friday vigil, which is streamed live for members only.

You get access to our shopping section for members to purchase items like books, sermons, and other materials. Click here to join.