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The purpose of Rebirthrwc is to give women a chance to live transformed lives through a relationship with JESUS CHRIST and other women.

We demonstrate our commitment to CHRIST and our desire to follow in HIS steps with heads that think, hearts that love, and mouths that pray.

We have a desire for women of all ages and life experiences to find harmony, friendship and support with one another, and with GOD, as sisters in CHRIST.

We welcome all Christian women regardless of their denomination; Rebirthrwc aims to train Christian women to become an army of women who are passionate about living out GOD’S purpose for their lives; we teach their hands to war, and their fingers to battle in prayer, and then give that army an outlet for sharing the love of CHRIST through outreach and missions.


This is a vibrant 24-hour prayer forum – membership is by invitation only.

  1. No member of the forum is to post any material that is not prayer material or a testimony personal to them or an immediate family member. Stories that touch, feel good stories, jokes and inspirational stories should not be posted on this forum, please.
  2. If you wish to raise a prayer request for anybody, please send the request via DM to Sister Kemi Balogun (the group’s Servant Leader – SL). Please do not post or solicit for prayers for yourself or anyone directly on the forum.

  3. You must post Prayers only, on the Prayer Forum. Announcements, Celebrations and testimony are shared on the Announcement Forum.

  4. Every member of the forum should be addressed as Sister (e.g. Sister Mosun).

  5. Every member of the forum should ensure that they have registered their full name, phone number and email address with the Membership Secretary (MS) – Sister Olukemi Elebute.

  6. Our midnight prayer time starts at 11:40 midnight with 20 minutes of praise and worship followed by our prayer points for the day.
    The enemy is persistent so we must be more persistent, and not lose the opportunity to strike with our prayers at the right time. Once we finish our prayers we can return to the forum and post prayers, testimonies etc.

  7. Prayer points are to be prayed aggressively and repeatedly (at least 7 times each).

  8. Please refrain from reposting the prayer points (i.e. cutting and pasting the same prayer points into your reply or pressing reply to prayer points), unless it is a declaration (e.g. I..... declare that I will not be afraid of the arrow that flies by day). This is to ensure that we can maximise the storage on our devices (the more we repost, the more storage is used up).

  9. Please do not use acronyms like IJN (instead of in JESUS’ name) in your posts on the forum. The devil does not recognise them!

  10. When a prayer request is posted by SL (or on her behalf) please follow the prayer directive and pray as the HOLY SPIRIT has directed.

  11. When information of a new prayer programme is shared, with a request for you to indicate your interest in participating, please do not respond on the forum. Send the ES a direct WhatsApp message so she can contact you directly, if necessary. Please ensure that you do so by the deadline given.

  12. If you wish to contact the SL, please do so by sending her a direct message on WhatsApp, between the hours of 0800 and 2200 GMT, only. Do not send her text messages, please. If you have an urgent situation outside these hours, please send the Executive Secretary (ES), a direct message on WhatsApp.


  1. We use the Periscope app (available on both iTunes and Google Play stores) for our group prayer meetings, including our Friday Night Vigils. Please download it onto your device.
  2. To access the meetings, you would need to follow SL (rebirth_rwc) then send the name of your Periscope handle to her so she can follow you back.
  3. Please ensure you have done this before the meeting commences (by 20:00 at the very latest) otherwise you will not be able to participate.


  1. We use the Zoom Cloud Meetings app (available on both iTunes and Google Play stores) for our weekly Monday Bible Study. Please download it onto your device.
  2. To access the Bible Study class, you would need to send an email request to Please ensure you have done this before the meeting commences (by 12:00 noon on Monday at the very latest) otherwise you will not be able to participate.
  3. You only need to register once but you would need a different meeting id code for each meeting, so please keep an eye on your inbox/and or the announcement forum.
  4. Before you join the meeting, can you please ensure that back ground noise is kept to a minimum, as it interferes with the bible study. So please switch off TVs, radios etc. If you are likely to be interrupted during the course of the bible study, please ensure that your microphone is on mute. For Sisters joining by telephone, please do not use your speaker, as it causes echoing for the rest of the participants.

Download and go through the complete Guideline.

Download Memberhsip Guidelines